Automotive wheels mold

Superband currently has an annual production capacity of more than 3,000 sets of aluminum wheel molds, including LPDC wheel molds, gravity wheel molds, flow forming wheel molds, forged wheel molds, and so on. And the production cycle for each set of wheel molds takes only 20 working days.  

Over the past two decades, Superband has made a remarkable contribution to China's wheel industry from zero to the top of the world. Relying on continuous technological innovation, Superband has maintained the leading position in the automotive aluminum alloy wheel mold industry in China.

Superband has been producing aluminum wheel molds and automotive castings for automotive wheel manufacturers since 1990. Automotive wheels mold is typically made in one of the following ways: Flow forming mold making, LPDC wheel mold making, Gravity wheel mold making, and Forged wheel mold making. You can rely on our expertise in design, casting technology, and automotive molds techniques.


With an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 tons and an annual output of 200 sets of special casting molds for auto structural parts, and is one of the top 20 enterprises in terms of the comprehensive strength of die casting mold manufacturers in China.

If you are looking for wheel tooling manufacturers, China chassis suppliers, automotive subframe mold suppliers, and steering knuckle mold suppliers to choose from, I am sure Superband will not disappoint you. Superband produces high-quality automotive chassis molds, including aluminum die casting mold automotive steering knuckle molds, aluminum automotive subframe molds, aluminum automotive control arm molds, etc.

In the future, Superband will seize the opportunity of automotive lightweight mold in automotive industry. To become an efficient and effective solution promoter for the global aluminum die-casting manufacturing industry, depending on cross-discipline technology integration and intelligent manufacturing.


Since 2000, Superband has been involved in the high-pressure casting industry. Our aluminum alloy die casting products cover auto parts, microwave communication, home appliances, and other fields. 

Superband won the "Hidden Champion Enterprise" title in the mold manufacturing industry in 2017. And in 2021, we were awarded  "China Top 20 Die Casting Moulds Comprehensive Enterprise" for three times. Relying on continuous technological innovation, Superband has maintained its leading position in the automotive aluminum casting die cast industries and Chinese automobile lightweight industry.

If you are looking for an automotive engine bracket, automotive bracket casting, die knukle mould, and other die cast automotive parts, I am sure Superband will offer you quality automotive molds and supplies. 

Superband has the ability to design and manufacture molds for high pressure casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting, differential pressure casting, extrusion casting, etc. We design and supply molds for domestic and foreign famous automobile manufacturers for auto steering knuckle mold, automotive bracket casting, automotive engine bracket, and so on.

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