Aluminum Automotive Steering Knuckle Mold

Aluminum Automotive Steering Knuckle Mold
die knukle mould
chassis mold

Aluminum Automotive Steering Knuckle Mold

Die casting mold is a manufacturing tool used to make die casting mould parts. During the die casting process, the molten metal is poured or forced into the die casting mold design cavity, where the material cools and solidifies to become desired to die casting parts.

Superband is one of the aluminum die casting mold suppliers in China, you are welcome to communicate with us about the details of die casting aluminum mold, die casting mould parts, and automotive molds products at any time.

Machining Center

die casting mold factory

Car Knuckle Product

steering knuckle mold

How to purchase with Superband?

1.  Send us drawing 2D/3D or provide us sample for ref ;

2.  Mould design

3.  Technology research

4.  Mould(Automotive Chassis Mold, Steering Knuckle Mold) simulation

5.  Material analysis

6.  Mould (Automotive Chassis Mold | Steering Knuckle Mold) manufacturing

7.  Inspection

8.  Shipment 

Production Process

Chassis Mold Disign

1. Customer Provide Drawing Or Sample

Auto Chassis Mold Design For Manufacturing

2. DFM

Auto Chassis Mold Flow Analysis

3. Mold Flow Analysis

Anto Chassis Mold 3D Design

4. Mold 3D Design

Auto Chassis Mold 2D Design

5. 2D Design

Prepared Chassis Mold Material

6.Prepared Mold Material

Auto Chassis Mold Wire-Cutting

7. Wire-Cutting

Computer Numerical Control

8. CNC

the die casting process

9. EDM

Chassis Mold Polishing

10. Mold Polishing

Chassis Mold Assembly

11. Assembly

Encasement & Delivery

12. Encasement & Delivery

After Sales Service

chassis mould manufacturer

We are not only a China chassis supplier but also a solution provider of aluminum alloy casting issues. We can provide one package service.

New technology R&D, Material Research, Wheel Design, FEM CAE, Mould Design, Die casting aluminum alloys Casting Simulation, Processing, Mold Trial, On-site Service.

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