Low Pressure Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mould

Low Pressure Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mould

Low Pressure Die Casting Automotive Wheel Mold

Low pressure auto wheel mold is based on the improvement of gravity casting. Melting metal liquid is pressed into the mold cavity and cooled to be formed by water cooling or air cooling. LPDC wheel molds can improve the defects of gravity wheel molds, as low pressure can make a more complex shape with better quality and reasonable price. Therefore, LPDC wheel molds (LPDC refers to Low Pressure Die Casting) have become the most common way to make wheels, as well as our hot selling product.

The advantages of water cooling mold

  • 1. LPDC wheel mold tool can accelerate the solidification speed of thick parts and eliminate casting defects.
  • 2. Improve the casting performance of key parts.
  • 3. Improve the rate of the finished products and reduce the production cost.
  • 4. LPDC wheel mold installation enhance your line productivity.
  • 5. High LPDC wheel mold quality can save energy and reduce energy consumption.

Machining Capability

1pcs DMD high-speed machining center, 2pcs MAKINO high-speed machining center, 38pcs CNC /graphite machining center, 10pcs linear cutting machine, 10pcs EDM, 2pcs Die spotting machine, 1pcs punching machine, 1pcs five-axis machining center

What is Low-pressure die casting?

LPDC wheel mold application is becoming popular today. 

The die casting process is often used by wheel tooling manufacturers. LPDC (Low-pressure die casting) is a common casting process that involves filling a permanent mold under low pressure and reducing turbulence. 

Crafted with precision and innovation, Superband Low Pressure Die Casting Automotive Wheel Mold epitomizes excellence in the automotive industry, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance for your production needs.

● Cutting-Edge Die Casting Technology
● Superior Materials and Construction
● Optimized Design for Efficiency
● Customizable Specifications
● Exceptional Performance and Consistency
● Comprehensive Support and Service

The Superband Low Pressure Die Casting Automotive Wheel Mold is the ideal solution for automotive manufacturers, foundries, and machining facilities looking to elevate their wheel production capabilities and deliver superior-quality wheels to the market.

Investing in the Superband Low Pressure Die Casting Automotive Wheel Mold is an investment in precision, quality, and performance. Elevate your manufacturing standards and surpass industry benchmarks with our cutting-edge mold technology.

Are any other different ways wheels are made?

Of course.
Automotive wheels mold is typically made in one of the following ways: LPDC wheel mold making, Flow forming mold making, Gravity wheel mold making, and Forged wheel mold making.

How to choose the proper automotive car molds?

Whether it's an automotive wheel mold, automobile bracket casting mold,  auto suspension mold, or any other mold, choosing the right one is the best. 
When you have an idea for an automotive mold in automotive industry, as one of the automotive molds suppliers, trust Superband to bring you innovative tooling solutions.

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Flow Forming Mold

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Low Pressure Water Cooling

Wheels products

Car wheel made by Superband molds


LPDC wheel mold Lifespan(OEM) 2~30000 SHOTS
Mould Lifespan(AM) 6~9000 SHOTS
LPDC wheel mold tool material: Top/Bottom Core H13/SKD61 Side Core:4140/FCD500
Using Hardness: Top Core HRC28-32 Bottom Core:HRC40-45
Average Wall Thickness To be confirmed
No.of Cavity One cavity
liquid Material A356.2,AlSi7Mg,etc.

Production Process

lpdc wheel mold design

1.Receive Drawing From Client

Design For Manufacturing


Mold Flow Analysis

3.Mold Flow Analysis

Mold 3D design

4.Mold 3D design



Prepare Wheel Mold Material

6.Prepare Mold Material

Rough Turning

7.Rough Turning

Rough Milling

8.Rough Milling

Vacuum Heat Treatment

9.Vacuum Heat Treatment

Finish Turning

10.Finish Turning



Finish Milling

12.Finish Milling



lpdc wheel mold inspection

14.3D Detection

lpdc wheel mold installation


lpdc wheel mold for sale

16.Packing & Delivery

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