Foshan Nanhai Superband Mould Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“superband”) was founded in 1990.Superband is a process research and service new high-tech enterprise, which specialized in the integrative research and supplying of aluminum alloy material performance product design, equipment matching, casting technology and mold technology. The Products and services of Superband are highly related with automobile lightweight and the aluminum alloy material, die cast automotive parts of new energy automobiles. Superband has established 2 mould production bases in Foshan and Qinhuangdao, also sets up mould service bases nationwide. To realize the internationalization strategic development, Superband is planning to build a new machining and service base in Thailand.

In the past over two decades, Superband has made outstanding contributions to China’s aluminum wheel hub industry from zero to the largest scale in the world .Superband keeps the leader status in China’s automotive aluminum casting mould industry by relying on continuous technology innovation. The leading products including aluminum alloy wheel hub mold, aluminum alloy die casting automotive running board and aluminum alloy wheel hub mould, die casting aluminum mold board and aluminum alloy automotive chassis structure mould.Superband retains the title“China’s top 20 enterprises of die casting mould comprehensive strength”, also awarded as the “Hidden Champion Enterprise”in automotive molds products manufacturing industry. In the future, Superband will seize the opportunity of automobile lightweight,depend on the cross-domain technology integration and intelligent manufacturing, and become the high efficiency and high benefit solution facilitator of global aluminum die casting manufacturing industry.

Enterprise Duty


Company adheres to talent strategy of “human-oriented, Echelon building of talents,Help employees to harvest and grow ”.and build company strategic talent pool to ensure company’s excellent operation.

Green Manufacturing

Superband takes environment protection as own duty and carries out sustainable development strategy actively. Taking “abidance by law ,prevent pollution,saving energy and clean production” as environmental policy. Strictly executing ROHS international environmental standards in each production process. It passed ISO14001 international environmental system certification in 2010.

Cultural Building

The company organizes various activities such as employee expansion, sports meeting and evening parting to enrich employee’s spare time life and enhance employee’s cohesion and centripetal force.

Social Public Welfare

While developing its own industry, the company does not forget to give back to society. Over the years, the company has fulfilled its corporate civic responsibilities in various ways, participated in supporting social public welfare activities with education and charity.

Through enterprise development, we will help regional economic development, devote to social welfare, advocate environmental protection, care for employees and other aspects to execute our duty. When facing the major disasters, we are courage to take responsibility and play a leading role in enterprise.

Industry 4.0

With the rapid development of the international economy and the promotion of industrial intelligent technology, Superband formulated 2025 intelligent manufacturing engineering strategy and start the industry 4.0 in 2018 .We are replying on the organic integration of informatization, mechanization and automation to achieve a high level of lean production and complete the re-upgrade of intelligent manufacturing .

superband History


Yanbu Superband Mould Factory was established 


entered into alloy wheels industry


Renamed as Foshan Nanhai Superband mould Co.,Ltd


set up Foshan Nanhai Superband-Arcontec Mould Co.,Ltd


Set up Superband (H.K.) Industrial Limited


Involved in high pressure casting industry and produces aluminum alloy high pressure die casting parts.


set up Qinghuangdao Superband Mould Co.,Ltd


Set up Shanghai Superband Mould Co.t Ltd 


Company move to Songxia Industrial Park Shishan Town from Yanbu


Set up Kunshan Superband Mould Co.,Ltd


Won numerous awards in first China wheels design competition


transition to modern enterprise system 


Start ”Superband 2025” intelligent manufacturing and change to new company strategies “Lightweight, Intelligent,internationalization”


Passed the intellectual property management system certification,won the title of national intellectual property enterprise,It marking the company reached into new level in the combination of intellectual property and business strategy.


Launched Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing plan


Get VDA 6.4 Certificate

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