Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold

Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold
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Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold

Wheel technology is mainly divided into casting and forging. Flow forming aluminum auto wheel molding belongs to casting - a manufacturing technology in which molten metal is poured or forced into a mold's cavity. Aluminum alloy is the most commonly used die-casting material, while casting allows each component to be created with accuracy and repeatability. So, flow form molds feature higher strength and better toughness than gravity wheel molds and low pressure wheel molds.

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Equipment Name  QTY 
DMG/MAKINO High-speed Machining Center  3
Machining Centr /High Speed CNC Machining Center  52
Five-axis Machining Center  1
EDM 10
Lathe  28
Hydraulic Tipping Crucible Furnace  1
Holding Furnance  1
Heat Treatment Furnace  2
Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnance  1
Tempering Furnace  4
Gas Nitriding Furnace  1
Gas Carburizing Furnace  2
Die Spotting Machine  2
Sand-Blasting Machine  1
Milling Machine  20
Welding Machine  18
Laser cutting Machine/Wire Cutting Machine /Machine Tool  11
Welding Robot System  2
Metallographic Detector  1
Hardness Tester  1
flow form molds suppliers
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Elevate your automotive wheel manufacturing process with our meticulously crafted Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, our mold offers unparalleled performance to meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry.

Advanced Flow Forming Technology: Our mold integrates cutting-edge flow forming technology, ensuring superior strength, reduced weight, and enhanced performance in automotive wheels.
High-Quality Aluminum Construction: Crafted from premium aluminum materials, our mold guarantees exceptional durability and longevity, withstanding the rigors of high-volume production cycles.
Precision Engineering: Each mold is meticulously engineered to precise specifications, guaranteeing consistent and flawless wheel production, and meeting the exacting standards of automotive manufacturers.
Optimized Design: The design of our mold facilitates seamless flow-forming processes, resulting in impeccably shaped wheels with enhanced structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of automotive wheel sizes and designs, our mold offers versatility and adaptability to accommodate diverse production requirements.
Ease of Use: Designed for user convenience, our mold features intuitive controls and ergonomic design elements, streamlining the manufacturing process and maximizing productivity.
Reliable Performance: With a proven track record of reliability and performance, our mold empowers automotive manufacturers to consistently produce high-quality wheels that exceed customer expectations.


Our Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold is ideal for automotive manufacturers, wheel production facilities, and machining shops seeking to enhance their production capabilities and deliver superior-quality wheels to the market.

Investing in our Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold is investing in excellence. Engineered for precision, durability, and performance, our mold sets the standard for automotive wheel manufacturing, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability.

Experience the difference with our Flow Forming Casting Aluminum Auto Wheel Mold. Elevate your production process and deliver exceptional automotive wheels that stand out from the rest. Feel free to customize the specifications and details according to your specific product attributes and target audience.

Flow Form Molds Design & Photos

flow form molds design

Die Casting Manufacturing Process

flow form molds design

1. Receive Drawing From Client

Design For Manufacturability

2. DFM

Car Wheel Mold Flow Analysis

3. Mold Flow Analysis

Wheel Mold 3D design

4. Mold 3D design

wheel mold 2D design

5. 2D

Prepare Mold Material

6. Prepare Mold Material

Rough Turning

7. Rough Turning

Rough Milling

8. Rough Milling

Vacuum Heat Treatment

9. Vacuum Heat Treatment

Finish Turning

10. Finish Turning


11. CNC-Milling

Finish Milling

12. Finish Milling


13. Polishing

3D Detection

14. 3D Detection


15. Assembly

Packing & Delivery

16. Packing & Delivery

Superband believes in brand value and focuses the quality! 

We have advanced inspection equipment and strict quality control process.

Material Composition Inspection

1. Material Composition Inspection

Ultrasonic Flaw Inspection

2. Ultrasonic Flaw Inspection

Metallographic Inspection

3. Metallographic Inspection

Hardness Inspection

4. Hardness Inspection

Handy 3D Scanner

5. Handy 3D Scanner

3D Scan Inspection

6. 3D Scan Inspection

CMM Inspection

7. CMM Inspection

CMM Accuracy within 1 μm

8. CMM Accuracy within 1 μm

After Sales Service

There will have strict flow form molds simulation before shipment, which can guarantee the quality.

After receiving the molds, if there is any technical problem, our professional technical team can go to for your technical support on site.

Superband provide the management of mold’s whole life from mold design, Material research,mold manufacturing ,quality control, mold simulation, on -site technical support and after sales service.

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