Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Steering Knuckle Mold

Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Steering Knuckle Mold
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Steering Knuckle Mold 

The automotive die casting parts is the largest market for aluminum die castings. Due to the environmentally friendly and cost-effective features, aluminum is lighter than steel and makes vehicles more fuel-efficient to operate. More and more automotive manufacturers are turning to it.

Superband die castings for automotive components are widely used, such as wheels, cylinder blocks, engine cylinder cover, automotive engine bracket, steering knuckle mold, pistons, brake cylinders, and auto suspension mold.

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Die Casting Manufacturing Process

Die Casting Drawing

1. Receive Drawing From Clients

Design For Manufacturing

2. DFM

Mold Flow Analysis

3. Mold Flow Analysis

Mold 3D Design

4. Mold 3D Design

Computer Numerical Control

5. CNC


6. Wire-Cutting

Material Prepared

7. Material Prepared

2D Design

8. 2D Design

Electrical Discharge Machining

9. EDM

Mold Polishing

10. Mold Polishing

Die Casting Assembly

11. Assembly

Packing & Delivery

12. Packing & Delivery

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