Aluminum Alloy Die Casting New Energy Automotive Controller

Aluminum Alloy Die Casting New Energy Automotive Controller
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Aluminum Alloy Die Casting New Energy Automotive Controller

The automotive die casting parts is the largest market for aluminum die castings. Due to the environmentally friendly and cost-effective features, aluminum is lighter than steel and makes vehicles more fuel-efficient to operate. More and more automotive manufacturers are turning to it.

Superband die castings for automotive components are widely used, such as wheels, cylinder blocks, engine cylinder cover, knuckle, pistons, brake cylinders, and suspension arms.

Superband is one of the professional aluminum die casting parts and automotive molds suppliers. You can find automotive running boards, automotive engine brackets, automotive chassis molds, and other die cast automotive parts in Superband.

Product Description:
Product Name:  Aluminum Alloy Die Casting New Energy Automotive Controller
Material: ADC12(Aluminum Alloy)
Specifacation: To be Confirmed 
Casting Method: High Pressure Die Casting (Oxygenate Perssure Casting)
Processing Metod: To be Confirmed 
Package: Carton 

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Produce Process

Incoming Material

1. Incoming Material


2. Smelt

 Component Testing

3. Component Testing


4. Die-casting

Three-coordinates Measuring

5. Three-coordinates Measuring

X-ray Destructive Detection

6. X-ray Destructive Detection


7. Milling


8. Plastic

Shot Blasting

9. Shot Blasting


10. Machining

Packing & Delivery

11. Packing & Delivery

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