Superband Won National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Award In China


Recently, the state intellectual property office of China released the list of national intellectual property enterprise of the year 2019. As a model enterprise of intellectual property in guangdong province, Superband was recommended and finally awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Enterprise of The Year 2019" for our outstanding performance in the creation, utilization, protection and management of intellectual property.


Technological innovation is the core of our competitiveness, and intellectual property is the guarantee of technological innovation. Superband insists that all products are protected by patents. By 2020, Superband has applied for a total of 220 patents, including 3 PCT patents, 55 Chinese invention patents. There are 134 authorized patents, including 95 patents in wheel hub mold and product area, while 39 patents in die-casting mold and product area. 


National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Award

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